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    How do i find out what my motherboard is exactly called so i can get the latest drivers for it?
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    do you have a manual ? , have you looked at the board for any markings ? , if its from a shop try ringing and asking them , I'm sure when the computer first powers up before the memory test at the top of the screen it gives you the name of the board and its jumper settings , as soon as the memory test starts or ends try pressing the PAUSE key on the keyboard so you can write the info down then head for the website.
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    put siasoft sandra on your pc and run it.
    it will tell you everything you need to know about your system
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    sniper - not all boards show the name of the motherboard. Most of them show the bios type, fsb speed, multiplier. At the bottom is the bios version.

    Your best bet is doing what D 1 said and is using SiSandra and finding out what the motherboard is or atleast a serial number which u can look up on the net before opening up your case.

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    thanks for the help :-)