Sky subs to go up

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    Aware said:

    Sky subs to go up

    subs are going up again by 1 apparently to coinside with the launch of sky one extra(more repeats)

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    majicm said:


    yeah.. in reality it's more so they can lauch Sky One +, and move over the programmes which they have subscriber rights to, like The Simpsons.

    This way they can launch Sky One on the DTT FTA platform.

    Remember that Sky has the rights to programmes like the Simpsons which they can only show on a subscription basis, so in order to go FTA they must create a new channel and move those programmes onto there.
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    Default Re: Sky subs to go up

    Originally posted by Aware
    subs are going up again by 1 apparently to coinside with the launch of sky one extra(more repeats)

    check it [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    slain said:


    How many price hikes is that for this year? 4?
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    horace said:


    You've got 2 choices, take it or leave it. Sky will go on ripping you off because they know they've got mugs who'll winge about it, and carry on paying the asking price. It's simple, if you dont like the price then dont pay it.
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    Captain Jack said:


    A la Sky Two back in the old days?
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    rolfw said:


    When I heard that it was going up again a couple of weeks ago, it prompted me to ring up and reduce my subscription. I went from 38 down to 16 and told them that they'd just pushed it too far, if enough other people are prompted to do the same they may rethink. As Horace says "if you don't like the price, then don't pay it"

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    drfelix said:


    i agree with neverallocat.

    if everyone complains or reduces they package and says its because of the price increase, before long they will scrape it. also you may find if you ring ujp to say you want to CANCEL you subs you may find that they offer you a good discount over say 3 months or so.
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    dazza said:


    allways wanting more money of us all
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    scouserotty said:


    They really are beginning to take the p***
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    SimplyDigi said:

    Default Sky Prices - THE TRUTH

    How Sky determines pricing? - THE TRUTH

    Sky's subscription pricing policy works on their churn rate (% of customers cancelling subscriptions). They have to maintain a churn of 10-12% of subscribers.

    If the churn rate falls below 10% they are not charging enough as not enough customers are cancelling subscriptions, so they put the price up, which in effect will make more subscribers cancel and therefore increase the churn rate.

    If the churn rate goes above 12% they are charging to much money, so they will price freeze subscriptions (Sky will never reduce subscription prices). Sky revue the subscription prices every 3 months based on the 6 months prior churn rate.

    Sky look at churn rates for each individual package so not only do they look to see how many subscribers cancel but also how many drop down in subscription package. So the only way to stop Sky from increasing prices is for enough people to either drop down subscription package or cancel altogether.

    Unfortunately this is Sky's best period for subscribers upping their subscription packages from the 16 pack to one of the Sports packages (football season just started and all that) so as they revue the subscription prices every 3 months, not only is there a price increase imminent, there will probably also be another in a few months.

    This is how most pay TV operators work, unfortunately us Brits seem to put up with high prices, cos we can't live without our telly.

    Raptor, you should start a subscription service going for this board, start off at 1 a month and gradually work up, who knows this time next year you could be a millionaire! LoL
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    Aware said:


    hey!horace you blind, i never complained about the subs going up, all i said was that sky 1 extra would be more repeats.

    besides we have the right to complain about sky just as much as we do about any product we buy.Sounds like you got more money than sense.To complain is the only way were going to keep pricing moderate.