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Thread: 7650 any good?

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    Default 7650 any good?

    does anyone have a nokia 7650 and are they any good,i`ve heard they are like a brick,nokia dont mention anything about ringtones on their site,how many does it have and how many tones to save as your own.......CHEERS.

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    yeah, i've got one, its pretty bulky, but because it uses the small lion battery its not that heavy, construction seems cheap (bits rattle) the speakerphone button is right next to the proximity sensor that turns it off , the keyboard is dead akward to pull out (seems cack handed).

    on ringtones it has a few midi ringtones built in the rest are standard nokia fare (the midis are versions of normal nokia tones made polyphonic) the volume is decent on them (unlike the 3510). you have a total of 4mb of memory on the 7650 and that is used for everything so how many midi ringtones you want to store depends on how many numbers in your phone book (up to 500), how many appointments/notes you have stored, number of sms messages, number of photos you have stored and how big the .mid files that you use as ringtones are.

    it just looks and feels like it was built to a price, unlike the 9210 which is well built and offers several extra usefull features (why have a colour screen but no web browser? its wap only)

    it comes with 2 games already installed the other 3 are on the cd that comes with it, however unless you have an ir port you can forget them at the moment as (unlike the 9210) they dont supply a cable with the 7650, and nokia still arent selling one (i asked them again today).

    hope that helps.

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