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    Default FREE - Siemens C45 + 12 months line rent + 20 mins anytime calls

    Saw this on modshacks, credit to One Eye Snake for a great find. Perhaps those who missed out on CPW last offer want to have a look at this:

    "Phone + 12 months line rent (by refund after month 3) + 20 minutes calls each month - all free. They also give you £10 cheque for trading in any old handset - this shows on the site after you,ve clicked on 'buy now' on the linked page.

    (You could just upgrade an old handset and keep your old sim - or sell on the new one when you get it, and keep the new sim as a cheap PAYG - calls cost 10p/min anytime on t mobile after the 20 mins are used up)

    It comes with 14 day cancellation.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    (it seems they're part of Carphone Warehouse)"


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    wicked deal pity i have a phone
    good find

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