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    7650 & 3510 replaced already

    that didnt take long, nokia has already released the replacements for two of its failing phones the 7650 and the 3510

    the 3510 gets a facelift by adding the java features from the 3410 and a full colour screen, beyond that it looks the same as the current 3510

    the 7650 is being replaced by a truly funky looking phone called the 3650 with a large colour display (like the 7650) this phone does away with the slide away keys be replacing them with a dial and a panasonic like joypad creating a phone that looks like no other, the big sales point of this phone is that it takes the 7650 a step further by adding a digital camcorder mode as well as still pictures (now you can send video mms), its also getting a boost to tri band for worldwide compatability (as well as the much needed memory expansion slot, but still no html browsing)

    for those (including me) who bought the 7650 here is the full specs of the new 3650

    Full Specifications

    Weight: 130 g (with Lithium Ion Battery)
    Dimensions: 130 x 57 x 26 mm, 139 cc

    Display and User Interface
    High-resolution, full-color display (4096 colors)
    176x208 pixels
    5-way scroll key
    Symbian operating system
    Midi and WAV ringing tones
    Ringing tone composer
    Predictive text input

    Integrated Digital Camera
    Image capture at 640x480 resolution
    Phone display used as a viewfinder
    Photo album
    Video capture: 3GPP MP4 formats
    Video playback: Real One Player. Formats: 3GPP MP4, Real Audio and Real Video

    4 MB internal dynamic memory for phone numbers, messages, photos
    External memory on 3V MMC memory card

    Wireless Connectivity
    Connect phone wirelessly to compatible phone or phone to compatible PC
    Send/receive pictures, video clips, graphics, play games

    JavaTM Technology
    Support for Java MIDP 1.0
    Download new JavaTM games and applications

    Combine picture, video, text, and voice clip & send by MMS or email to compatible phone or PC
    Email over GSM data, HSCSD and GPRS
    Email protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4
    Concatenated SMS messages, picture messaging

    Data Transfer
    Up to 43.2 kilobits per second in High Speed Circuit Switched Data networks
    Up to 40.2 kilobits per second in GPRS networks

    Voice Features
    Voice dialing
    Voice recorder
    Integrated handsfree speaker

    Nokia WAP2.0/XHTML browser over GSM data, HSCSD and GPRS

    Java and Symbian games
    Multi-player games over infrared and Bluetooth between compatible phones

    Tri-band Operation
    GSM 900/1800/1900 networks
    Automatic switching between bands

    Most major European, Asian and American languages

    Xpress-on covers: painted & graphical
    Travel Charger ACP-12 (in box)
    Travel Charger (ACP-8)
    Mobile Charger (LCH-12)
    Plug-in HF Car Kit (PPH-1)
    BT Car Kit (CARK112)
    Microphone (HFM-8)
    Mobile holder (MBC-16)
    HDC-10, HDB-5, HDC-5, HDD-1 and HDE-2 headsets
    Mobile Inductive Loopset (LPS-3)
    Battery Cell (BL-5C)
    Carrying cases
    Nokia Music Player (HDR-1)
    Memory Card (DTS-64)

    Power Management
    Battery Talk time Stand-by time Charging time
    Battery Cell
    850 mAh, Li-Ion Up to 2 - 4 h Up to 150-200 h 1 h
    no statement on price yet but expected to be around the same as the 7650.
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    Default u say ...........did`nt take em long ............i think this is going to b the trend as technolgy moves on ,especially as 3g approaches................just wish i could afford to keep up with it

    surely people can`t keep on buyin these things ????......i also believe that networks subsidise handsets extensivly...must get very expensive for them !!!


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    3650 is hardly a replacement for 7650.... it's butt ugly!!!!
    Nokia must be hiring any old designers these days.


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