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    hi all don,t know where to put this problem of mine as there isnt a humax post , so can anyone help me i switch on and it switchs off on its own ,some one said it could be softwear probs if so can any-one tell me where to find the firmwear to reset it bach to factry settings.

    thx m8s
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    Ive heard of this on a few occasions . You have probably accidently set off the timer .
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    @Paj when my 5400 was new and not patched it used to turn it's self on evey morning at 0850am even though no timer or event settings etc were in use?
    Is your 5400 patched?if so re apply original firmware from[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and then put on the latest patch 2002g from[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] this should solve your problem If you need any advice on how to patch you 5400 just ask or have a look[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Plese let us know if it worked.
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    paj said:


    hi quizzy

    the problem is that i switch the main switch on and all that comes on the panel is two green and one red light then thay go off, can't use stand-by as it goes off and there is no desplay to down-load back to factory setting computer can't communicate with humax.
    have tryed a new power supply thats not has the five in one patch already installed ...

    thx quizzy if you can think of any other pos problem it can be all help will be appreciated
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    quizzy said:
    Very strange m8 the problem may be more serious than I thought? turn off at rear back switch and disconnect from mains for 20 mins or so then re connect and see if you can enter any menus etc.Is there any error message or letters on the display when the 5400 is turned on?
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    thx m8
    been switched off for a lot longer than that i think there must be a problem on the main board .
    I have just looked in the sat mag and have found a place that does repairs will be taking it the tomorrow thay say no job over 65 no fix no charge .

    But thanx for the advice on it i have learnd a little more now about the humax.

    thx quizzy m8