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    Quite a lot here, I want to acquire a dvd copier either buying one ready made or to build one. I am a bit confused at all the minimum requirements bandied about, and just want to look at the most economical, reliable way to do this. I want to have 2 copiers, and one player. Would it be more economical to purchase one already setup , or could I put one together for a reasonable amount. Any advice on drive types, motherboard, hard drive capacity, processor, memory etc would be greatly appreciated. A firewire input would be a must as I have to transfer DV footage on to DVD. Comptibility with home DVD players is crucial as well. I have an ATI all in wonder 128 Pro with video capture capabilities, would this be suitable for use. Also software for multi copies that anyone can recommend would be very welcome. I have picked up a few very good sites from this site for media so I think that will not be an issue. I know there is a difference between the "-" format and the "+" format, is this a major issue when it comes to replay?
    Many thanks in advance for an help.
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    Dazzle do card to copy from any source to dvd or vcd in real time, not sure if ati can do that