ITV ``no signal`` when I add channels?

Thread: ITV ``no signal`` when I add channels?

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    Default ITV ``no signal`` when I add channels?

    Hi, I`ve just bought an Amstrad 200 Dodgybox for use here in Germany it works fine with BBC, Channel 4+5 but refuses to
    update to any of the ITV regionals - ``no signal found``

    I was told by the EBAY vendor that the system would automaticaly update witin 1 - 24 hours to allow me to ``add channels`` and get ITV.

    There doesnt seem to be a problem with the box since it finds all the channels broadcast on other frequencies when I do the add channels sequence.

    I have full ``signal strength`` and 3/4 ``signal quality``.

    I noticed some of you seem to be getting Coronation street so is the problem with my card?

    Thanks for any help or advice

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    where abouts in Germany are you and what size dish are you using ?

    ITV is transmitted in a weaker signal and has a smaller footprint. Im in NRW inbetween Dortmund and Bielefeld and have an 80cm dish ,a mate of mine about 5 km away though can get everything on his minidish.
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    Hi, I`m in Berlin using a 70cm dish.

    I have just checked the signal using a Kathrein receiver and it shows no signal for the ITV frequencies so I think you must be right about the dish size.

    I have another old 90 cm Kathrein dish with analog LNB which I will have to change, if this works I`ll post it.

    Thanks again