Hello !!

Have for some time been using the XBPlayer and I think it rules.
At the moment I am using B6.
However, I have some problems some of you may now the answer to.
I havent found one brand CDRW that my Xbox like, but by accident i discovered that it liked the cheap VIVASTAR CDR.
I Use RecordNowMax burning on 8X. It impossible to make it slower. It says choosen 4X, but using 8X. Anybody knows how to force it to burn on 4x?
Not really a problem because my XBox boot and start the movie. The problem is that it very often freezes and hang during the film. It seems that it usually happens at the last half of the film. And when it first do it it become worse. 4-8 freezes and hangs during one film is not so uncommon. WHat is going on? Have to boot the xbox after this. Is the hd-buffer on by default ? Any ideas ?