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  1. Mr_Flash's Avatar

    Mr_Flash said:

    Default Observation Test

    Try to find the boat in the picture

    Women, for some reason are much better at this than men - they generally find the boat in seconds.

    I've been looking for 16 minutes now and I still can't find the damn thing. Have a go...
  2. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    Load of crap. I can't see any boat!!
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  3. kaiser_soza's Avatar

    kaiser_soza said:


    come on help me out ive been looking for ages
    all i can see is a couple of inflatables
  4. stimpy's Avatar

    stimpy said:


    after 40 minutes I found the boat, there was some arse in the way!
  5. philo's Avatar

    philo said:


    Stimpy, you must be drunk I cant find any boat
  6. rooonga's Avatar

    rooonga said:


    i can nearly see her man-in-the-boat!!
  7. Aware's Avatar

    Aware said:


    i can see some blurd bird in the background with her jubblies out hovering above the water, but deffo no boat, for some reason i can't seem to focus properly that far though.
  8. Gavin M's Avatar

    Gavin M said:


    i see my boat in her docking bay
  9. sidyal's Avatar

    sidyal said:


    Can't see a boat but would love to rubber dinghy
  10. the_wizzard's Avatar

    the_wizzard said:


    what boat??

  11. obsidian's Avatar

    obsidian said:


    I seem to be nearsighted at this time of day lol
  12. phobia's Avatar

    phobia said:


    think im in love and come on wot boat
  13. darkstar's Avatar

    darkstar said:


    the Mrs saw it straight away then gave my a slap I found it after that
  14. dingle_666's Avatar

    dingle_666 said:


    i can see the boat
  15. Baldrick's Avatar

    Baldrick said:


    Well it certainly floats my boat