Vin Diesels latest - didnt take him long to sell out did it!

Thread: Vin Diesels latest - didnt take him long to sell out did it!

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    Default Vin Diesels latest - didnt take him long to sell out did it!

    didnt take long did it.......

    looks like he may sell out faster then most.

    a musical - how fecking ridiculous.....

    why dont these people stick to what they can do ?

    Vin Diesel's Next: The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph have both just ran items in regards to actor Vin Diesel who was in Sydney late last week to promote "xXx". Diesel indicated that he would've liked to have stayed in Australia to shoot the $140 million PB sequels but Universal sadly has decided on Vancouver - "The studio is telling me there are not enough crews in Australia - they're all taken - which is weird...I would love to come back and shoot in Australia if for no other reason than the whole character - and the whole film - was created in Queensland and Coober Pedy". Robin James, CEO of the Pacific Film and Television Commission in Brisbane has taken up Universal's challenge saying "We'd love to see Vin Diesel back. I'm confident that, depending on the start date, there'd be facilities and crew available". Indeed with "The Fountain" gone and the news below about "Farscape", experienced crews in sci-fi production will be abundant Down Under till SW3 next year. Diesel's also looking at a musical of all things: "Nicole Kidman and I are talking about doing a remake of Guys and Dolls. This is something I have always wanted to do. She would be the perfect person for it". The DH interview with Vin will go up this week and includes some surprising news that has yet to be revealed.
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    musical with Vin Diesel :shock:

    it is a sad day
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    what next, vinny the face of cornflakes, they should stick to what we want them to and leave the scene when we have had enough of them lol