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    My wifes 3310 has had some lemonade spilled over it - I turned it off and left it to dry out and then give the pcb a wipe (didn't use anything wasn't quite sure if there was any solution I could use), Anyway the fone is now working perfect exept there is no audio when the fone rings - the vibration works and so does the keypad tones, so does anyone know what could be wrong??

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    is the phone on silent/ringing off? sounds obvious but could happen
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    lol - no m8 that was the first thing I checked - also tried another speaker in it but no joy.
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    Take it to someone with a PCB cleaner mate. They give it a bath in one of them and it'll be sorted if they use the right solution in it.

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    It is one of the most common faults I have seen on 33 series phones that have been wet - no ringer.
    I reckon that a fine inner layer corrodes away, or shorts the ringer out.
    You might get lucky with the cleaner, but I doubt it.
    Cheers - Coin-Op

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    Thanks - my mates gonna clean it tonight for me, if it doesn't work can anything else be done?
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    If cleaning the PCB with an ultrasonic cleaner did not work, then try this, solder a wire from pin five of the N310 ic to ground

    ( check pic )

    use the thinnest wire available something like Kynar Wire 30guage is fine