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    i think my computer has blown up. i shut it down yesterday and rebooted it after tea.
    now it is like the reset button is pressed all the time. im not even getting to the bios screen.

    ive tried another power supply.
    can anyone shed a little light on the subject
    many thanks

    its a good job that i bought this laptop from bowlers on sat otherwise i would be in the shit
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    gingertosser said:


    lokks like im in the shit.........seems to be my cpu

    prices have come down though
    at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    you can get:
    1600xp for 50 quid
    1700 xp for 55 quid
    1800 xp for 64 quid
    1900 xp for 70 quid
    2000 xp for 80 quid
    2100 xp for 98 quid
    2200 xp for 125 quid

    bet if i went to a fair i could get 1 for 105 quid

    shame ive no money

    thanks for all that have looked at this post
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    EUPHORiA said:


    the reset buttun is pressed all the time? why not just pull the reset switch off ur motherboard?
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    gingertosser said:


    its disconnected. ive tried everything. its even been in my mates motherboard..
    i phoned up the bloke who i got the cpu off 2day and on the back of the reciept it says that i only have 3 months warrenty.
    amd arnt bothered the bloody cpu isnt 12 months old yet
    bloody twats