Any1 still do Free Dial Up Net>

Thread: Any1 still do Free Dial Up Net>

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    t-rex said:

    Any1 still do Free Dial Up Net>

    i'm at uni in liverpool. its too expensive to get broadband net for me here (25 p.month)

    any1 know if any people still do "free " internet. whats the best package i shud go for? freeserve?

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    stimpy said:


    Depends how much you use it, I used BT 'Anytime' package, keeping it connected for days on end, just redialing and the f...kwits cut me off.

    Moved over to Freeserve and so far, no problems, no nasty letters and 99% success rate dialing up.
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    wizer said:


    im on at 17.99 a month for 24/7 free access
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    Aware said:


    I'm using Glotelecom for 10 per month with 2 hour cut off, sometimes gets engaged but i always get through.Incidently i moved from freeserve because they were pathetic for browsing, soooooooooo sloooooooooww.

    AOL are good for 15 quid if you don't mind the software, you don't get disconnected as much either.

    I pray for broadband,if you have it in the area nail the sucker.
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    luckdip said:

    Default speed

    I have just switched from AOL to Freeserve and have found it very slow. AOL was acceptable but thought I would try freeserve for three months at 5.99 pm and then switch back unless I find anything better.

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    biggy7 said:


    ahhh the days off free 0800 dialups : im sure widdy must have some lying a around
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    Snak3 said:


    yeah we should get the forum back lol - the days of sub7
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    Aware said:


    Tut Tut you guys, mind you it was pretty neat when you dropped on a web cam, hehehe
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    fitzy said:


    Stick to paying for it lads its not worth it'' i got nicked big time
    for it.Only just got pc and gear back two week's ago bt and scotland yard had my stuff since jan 2001.They got me by
    putting a tracker down my line.NEVER again thanks to mark
    jackson''tuckers for getting my gear back.
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    BigBadDog said:


    whats dial-up lol
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    t-rex said:
    any1 tried Squaremail?

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    My phone line requires me to dial up into an account first before being able to dial a tel no.
    could i dial into this account using a dial up modem and then dial a 0845 no. like square mail?? it'd offers cheaper rates right?

    cheers y'all