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    Default Strange things. Help please.

    I had my box chipped on the weekend and played buffy ever since. When I turned it on today I kept getting a disc not recognised error. After a clean of the disc it worked again (originals boot fine). Some media just wont boot at all.Is there any way of swaping the dvd drive with the one from my PC, and if so is there a tutorial ?

    Please help me.

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    there is loads of posts about this already on the forum m8, just do a search and you will find them,, yes you can swap it for a pc drive which then loads all media and loads it faster too.

    here is the tutorial anyway, this is the more complicated one which lets you put the drive right in the box and replace the top, and sorts the eject issue out.

    BUT when you have swapped it the drive will no longer play original games.
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