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    Default packard bell has died

    hi ppl,
    my lap top is running the via2 bf attack full time but thats not what this post is about......

    my desktop (packard bell..i know i deserve it to die) died, ive stripped it down to motherbaord including no mem etc and just left a hard drive and cpu ...when i fire it up it just runs both fans and makes a little hd noise but no bios error beeps, harddrive light stays on , took cpu out still exactly the same, im gonna try cpu in another board when i can suss out who to try with

    spec is

    p2 400mhz
    motherbaord = MSI6119 ver1.1 BX2

    just want to know if someone has had similar experience and bounce some ideas around....thanks

    can a cpu just crash an die, at the time it happenned i ws just moving the mouse across the screen, heard a click , and that was it??


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    is there no chance of trying another cpu similar to the origonal one this will give you some idea if you can and yes the can die just like that i had a p3 500 die on me a while ago because the cpu fan had packed in it took about 3 mins from switch on to die

    don't forget to put memory n graphics card in to make the machine boot though

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    Default Re: packard bell has died

    hi i had a simlar problem a couple days back there is a topic about it somewhere i turned my computer on and nothing happened the moniter never turned on hard drives and fans all span up but just couldn't get a response i never got beep codes due to not having a speaker on my board but i striped it all down like you and still the same happened.

    cos i couldn't really get and parts to test stuff with i took a gramble and just brought a new board and everything was fine.

    it could be a simular problem but its probably best to test the board cpu and power supply just to be sure.
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