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    Default Aluminium PC Case 49.99

    Value Aluminium PC Case
    This great looking, cool running case offers exceptional value for money.

    Dimensions: 465mm(D) x 200mm(W) x 440mm(H)

    4 x 5.25 inch exposed bays

    4 x 3.5 inch bays (3 exposed, 1 hidden)

    Screwless mounting rails for 5.25 inch & 3.5 inch bays

    Front USB x 2 and IEEE1394 Port

    Accepts a standard ATX power supply

    Form Factor: Standard ATX

    Pentium 4 ready

    Order Code A06AB
    Description Value Aluminium PC Case
    Previous Price 99.99
    Today's Price 49.99
    Saving 50.00

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    cybollox said:


    great find mate, been after one for ages but they are expensive.
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    area51_for_psx said:


    I got one of these in my local maplins great little case and quite good build for 50

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    Tattooed Freak said:


    Nice one, I've been holding back for a case until now. A great bargain.
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    lemaru said:


    Nice one! gotta find summat to do with the old case the old case before that one now

    thanks mate

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    TFS said:


    Bought mine today and typing this message looking at my nice new shiny PC sitting on the desk. An almost flawlees transfer from old case to new (forgot the power supply to 1 of the hard drives !).

    At 50 it's a good deal, while I was there I picked up a couple of round IDE cables (ATA 100/133) which were also on offer (9.99). There supposed to allow increased airflow, not sure if they do but they certainly look okay and are easier to play around with inside the case.

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    BFG said:


    Quick question for owners of these cases, have you noticed any running temperature difference? I might get one as my system is running at 47 degrees

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    Thrush said:


    Can it take a AMD board too?
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    TFS said:


    Don't really monitor my temp that much, I bought it -
    1 because it has an extra 51/4 bay which I need
    2 it looks better than my old one
    3 it was on sale and I'm like that.
    sorry I can't help more.

    I can say though that I'm running an Athlon 1GHz and I haven't had any unstable warnings which I certainly did get with my old setup.

    Guess this also the other question, as long as you've got a standard ATX form board the it'll fit.


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    DeltamdX said:


    yeah, for the price i would like to know if there is an definite advantages for buying this case.