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    BBC-Sept.11th Attacks

    I find it hard to watch this,because its so emotionally upsetting.
    It doesnt even begin to show the horror,but displays human courage against the cowardice of faceless terrorists.
    The look on the firemens face,as they realise the dull thumping outside the lobby,is bodies falling onto the glass fragments outside,will stay with me a very long time.
    I cant believe its actually been a year,but of course we all blank it out,and get on with our own lives.

    I suppose it puts it all in perspective,now.
    Personally,it only confirms and strengthens my beleif that these scum-bags should be wiped out.
    Im not a racist,well maybe you'll say I am.....its time to act.
    The threat comes from the Middle East so,if youre Asian READ,

    If You Are In My Country;
    1.-Put a joint Union/USA flag in the window of your home/business.
    2.Sign a charter that you will protect and honour the rights of all nations,that YOU choose to be your home.
    3.Sign up to the armed forces,to fight for civilisation,and volunteer to be in the front line...after all your adopted country has done for you....and your family.
    4.You are entitled to financial help(as a loan) for a period of 3 months,if you cant get a job,or repay-you are deported.
    Equally,once your banana republic is sorted out-you are deported.

    If You Are Not In My Country;
    1-You deserve all you get.

    The time has come to turn the sand of the desert to glass...Go Israel !!!

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    hmmmmm..........strong words for a non racist !!

    1 year and 1 day ago 2day i would be certain in sayin i was 'non racist" .......but now ??........i`m not too sure.

    i would`nt say i agree with what u say but u do hav some valid points ......if people wanna settle in this country then they should go by our rules and customs and not set up their own little getto`s.....after all they want our jobs, our housing, and our benfits but if they get any stick they cry racism............the words "if the shoe fits" spring to mind .

    on the documentry 2night ,i was glued, it gave me a different insight into the tragedy............god .........did i feel for those firefighters..........

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