winxp network "spying" question??

Thread: winxp network "spying" question??

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    chippy said:

    Default winxp network "spying" question?? goes ..................

    i have 2 winxp boxes.....mines the 1 connected to the net and the other is my daughters in her bedroom networked 2 can i spy on her box to see what she is doin on the net ????

    b4 i upgraded 2 xp on both boxes i had winme on both and used sub7...........but sub7 don`t work on xp

    is there any "trojen like" s/ware out there that works on xp????



    p.s buy the way this is my first post in the "vip" section hello guys !!!!!!!
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    cosmicma said:


    there's something called remote anywhere that will let you spy i use it on my daughters machine to make sure she's not on the chat boards ( yahoo and the like she's only 9yrs old )
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    WideOn said:


    no remote admin is better

    just do google and look fo remote admin

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    this is tyhe easyest and it not hacked yet so it a good safe bet dude

    easy to use and works greats

    install on both boxes / then u can admin ya little ones box full access and she cant tell well she can if she know that the icon gose red when u on it man but as for it is cool

    boot u in right away


    hope this helps

    now wheres my beer
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    Aido said:


    sounds similar to dameware - that's also excellent..

    plus if she gets too naughty you can disable the keyboard and mouse