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    I'm interested in getting into shape and by burning off fat and was wondering if a rowing machine would be the best bet?
    I've seen they range greatly in price from like 50 from Argos to 1000 for the Concept range.
    What advantages would a rowing machine give you? Would it be possible to lose weight and possibly build muscles on a rowing machine alone?

    I've used a rowing machine before and i believe that it works out your chest, arms, legs and back which is great and also helps burn off fat - what more could you ask for?! Am i right in thinking this?
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    the best and most cost effective way of burning off fat and getting into shape has to be swimming on a regular basis (1/2 - 1hr, 3 x /week.

    If not go jogging regularly.

    Rowers like the Concept 2 are very good but as you know, cost about 1000.
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    Just join a gym, costs less than a grand and you get to use their Concept II kit plus all the other stuff...

    Got to admit, cardio goes so far but you can't beat lifting weights for fat loss..

    To give you an idea I was sweating my bollocks off more after one set of squats than after 40 minutes on the rower....

    If you join the gym there are plenty of people in here who will give you advice, plus as a bonus there's usually a fair few awesome birds
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