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    I am fully aware performance mods to a car can effect your insurance but... Would changing the front of ur car effect it? I want to change 2 lights to quad! Many reasons... because i think it will look better + I had a accident when i ran into another car at 2mph because the person in front did a emergency stop and i rolled into him. The front bumper and lights got pushed back into the car and now there is about a 1cm gap between my lights and bumper (You can look right down). Changing the front would hopefully correct this.

    Also wheels? would changing my alloys to some other more expensive alloy and tires effect insurance? Are these classed as stype or performance mods?

    Also want to change taillight clusters to a different color.

    Is a spoiler a performance or style mod?
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    You should tell your insurer absolutely anything that you do that makes it non standard, be it styling engine mods etc. If you put quad lights on for example, it might make your car more attractive to tea-leaves but I doubt that it would effect your premium.

    Just phone them to check before carrying out any mods..
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    Any modification on your car can affect your insurance following an accident if you didnt declare them . But seldom anyone does .
    If you are unsure about what to fit , ring your insurer and ask if fitting this sort of thing to your car would affect your premium .
    If the answer is yes , then these really should be declared .
    I work with lots of insurance companys after accidents , and some are a lot keener about these things then others . But in my experience , most will back down after a complaint is made , as good customer relations is what these firms rely upon .
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    Speak to Adrian Flux Insurance, they often lower the premiums if you car if modified.

    My mate had the most typical of sh1te cars, a 2 litre nova. He is 20, pays ú790 comprehensive which is cheaper than when it was a GSI.

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    YIP! Anything you don't mention WILL give them the excuse they LONG to get to pay you nothing in the unfortunate event of you making a claim against your policy. Anything that makes it more desirable to thieves will see your policy be loaded or excess raised. Anything that is not seen, but affects the performance or handling, or COULD be deemed to, will see your claim rejected. Anything that adds value to the car, but doesn't fall into either catagory and won't result in the claim being rejected, will be lost and not covered by your insurance. The best way to look at it is to bare in mind that should you even need to claim, they will do EVERYTHING they can to get out of paying and the only way you will avoid their scrutiny is if the car is not at their desposal, if for instance it is stolen. If you are involved in a crash, the car will be taken to an approved body shop and will be inspected by a claims officer. If you manage to get it home, you MAY be able to change things back to the way they should be before you either take it for estimates or give the claims officer access to it for inspection.
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    either void insurance or can get sent to court! yeah i know m8 bad stuff
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    Well.....ICE is 1 of them then there's ENGINE MODS, any mods to the shape of the car E.g BODY KITS weather its just a rear diffuser or a front splitter.......there's the insides of ya car like bucket seats leather seats roll cage. just bout everything you cand do to ya car puts a price on ya insurance. The best thing to do is have a list of items thta you want done to ya car and ask ya insurance company weather it'll cost ya a fortune or not. By the way how old are you m8?
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    Yes m8, declare them...unless you wanna fork out another 250 or so if they get nicked/damaged and insurance won't pay up...

    they do look good though don't they

    As for wheels, I declared my 16" bk238s. Premium was the same. Excess was the same if I wanted them replaced with standard alloys in case of theft, or 100 quid more if I wanted them replaced with the same ones.
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    yep, any engines mods, any interior mods, exterior mods, best to ask them about it b4 u mod to see if premium will be more,

    some insurers dont add any ontop to ya premium, but some do.

    better to be safe then sorry