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    Default gsm section suggestion

    just wonderin if the mods could consider another section to the gsm section ..........mainly WAP..........theres alot of info out there on the subject and WAP is developing all the time.I believe that multimedia services via ur mobile is going to b a big thing in the coming years especially with the advent of 3g (just check out

    having a WAP section will get us guys into technolgy that is in it`s infancy and deserves some feed back from the guys on the forums.

    Having messed with java,wap sites,poly tones etc etc i think it`s an interesting subject that needs other peoples input and can only make the gsm section better

    thanks 4 ur time in reading this

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    i could vote for that too, i have several wap hones but as of yet i've realy not seen the point of it.

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