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    Default NTL Broadband USB Box!

    My m8 has just had Broadband installed and its USB :O he recieved a seperate box which lets him use USB/ RJ45 :O How crazy is that! Phoned up NTL and from what i hear NTL have moved to USB because its easier and less hassle!

    Anyone else on NTL USB Broadband? U think if i phoned up in behalf of my mother they would send me a nice USB Box for free even tho she doesnt need it?

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    I had NTL installed about 2 weeks ago and you just get a cable modem with the option of the two connectors, no seperate box or anything special. I don't think they've 'moved to USB' they just give the home user that option cos they think people will have more trouble with a network connection (of course the opposite is probably true in the long run). We've got a small network of six computers and are only using USB until we can be bothered to buy another network card for the server. No problems with it as yet, but switching to RJ45 as soon as possible.

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