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    For those Pipex customers who have the Fujitsu fdx310 modem and suffer from constant disconnections (like me!!), Pipex have at last released a patch for this. Apparently the disconnections were due to the modem constantly re-synchronizing itself!!!

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    Its a shame they don't have a 'patch' for their telephone support line (...LOL ) another 50 mins of my time gone!!

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    And they have a big problem now

    with no service
    Have Fun.

    U.N.C.L.E. X

    More UNCLEX than last week but less next :woot:
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    That "patch" sounds like a load of old bollocks to me.
    I'm unfortunate enough to be with Pipex at the moment (not for much longer though) using a Speedstream 5861 router and I also suffer from random disconnections (this problem only occurred when I transferred from Clara to Pipex).
    I also have 2 mates that suffer from the same problems using different hardware at different exchanges. I think if Pipex don't rectify these ongoing problems very shortly then they will find their customers leaving just as quickly as they signed up.
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