Intellimouse Explorer mouse random freezes

Thread: Intellimouse Explorer mouse random freezes

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    deevee said:

    Intellimouse Explorer mouse random freezes

    The mouse locks up randomly but only for a second. Then back 2 normal, but has a noise jus like u plugged in a usb when it freezes.

    The mouse is USB
    O/S XP
    tried updating driver no joy.

    any 1 got ne ideas?
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    WTD said:


    I think you will find that your usb devices are drawing too much power and the OS is shutting them down then re-starting them.

    Get an external USB hub (25ish) and all you USB woes will be sorted!
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    arrid said:


    Had this problem with two intellimouse explorers now - the wires inside the cable get broken just after where they come out of the mouse

    Phone m$ and bitch about it being broken so they send you a new one, then fix the old one up by chopping the cable after where it's gone bad and solder it back in
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    deevee said:

    Out of warranty

    I think its the wires too cos wire comin out of the mouse is loose.

    I got it with MESH pc and its been over a yr so warranty run out.
    Jus checked wat meshs warranty covers for 3 yrs.

    The exclude mice from warranty.

    cos i got it from Mesh its OEM so u rekon ill get ne help from m$.

    otherwise might jus have 2 get a new wireless mouse so no wire probs
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    EUPHORiA said:


    The Wireless MS mouse are the WORST mice you can buy. DONT buy one. trust me they aint worth the hassle and disapointment. Your mouse seems to be getting mouse freeze, do you have any other usb device?

    USB is CPU Dependant, whats ur PSU? and CPU spec? have u gone to device manager and disabled USB ERROR detection under USB ports?

    are u on a VIA motherboard? have u installed USB filter? u aint trying to use USB2 are u? do u have mouse acceleration enabled? also stick to buttons? Have u picked the right mouse in MS mouse settings? u dont have nortons antivirus checker running or any real time virus scanning programs?
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    deevee said:

    more info

    psu 300w
    AMd Athlon 1.4ghz

    doubt its a usb power thing cos its all been running fine with the mouse and a USB adsl modem for a few months now. just happen recently.

    I aint got via m/board or tryin 2 use USB 2

    Got rite modem in m$ mouse settings.

    I have NAV 2002 auto protect running but doubt its that cos would have got the prob when i got mouse.

    " device manager and disabled USB ERROR detection under USB ports?"
    Dont understand? but in device manger says This device is working properly.

    "do u have mouse acceleration enabled?" where can u enable/disable that?
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    beansontoast said:


    Oldish thread, but I only just read it...

    I have had the wires go in my intellimouse explorer too, just within the body of the mouse. You can see there is a recess where the usb cable goes into the mouse, it chafed through just inside there.

    I split open the cable and soldered, repaired and heatwrapped the wires and it works fine - for now. This happened about a year ago.

    I was getting the freezing problem you describe. Windows kept detecting the mouse each time the signal was restored, this was what caused the freezing for me.

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    PeeWee-2k said:


    i have this problem and also another similar problem with my mouse (which is plugged into the ps2 port). My other problem is that occasionally the mouse will become really slow, and i have to unplug it and plug it back in again to get it back up to my usual speed. Very annoying