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    I'm new to this. Reading the forum to learn...

    I would like to backup my Xbox games, but I read somewhere on the net that they Xbox Games cannot be read from a PC? That only Images can do downloaded anmd then burnt on CDR/DVDR. Is that correct?

    If it's not correct. I assume I can copy them? I would need a DVD-RW drive and a DVD Reader? Or can I rip a Xbox Game to the HD first like an ISO image and then burn it to another?

    Any help is greatly appreciated or a good turorial site or FAQ.

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    Didnt you ask this in the other Xbox forum ?
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    I think he did and besides this is for Homebrew stuff NOT MOD or backup info.

    I'm getting sick of all these Yanks and Canadians making stupid posts. If your looking for info then read the Forums and use the Search function.

    This Forum is a community - not a leech server :-/