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    Default Hard Drive insall, Dvd transfer of footage

    I have quite a few questions which I hope someone will kindly be able to help with. My pc is an intel p850 3, 192mb ram, 20gb h/d, an ATI all in wonder 128 pro agp, dvd, cdrw, I am buying a DVD recorder very soon, probably a pioneer. What would be the best recording software if my recorder isn't bundled with any? I want to install a second hard drive to use as a hard disk recorder. Combined with the ATI is this possible? Can I install a second operating system just to run this second hard drive? Is it possible to record in real time to a DVD recorder from an external source such as a video recorder as I would like to transfer some footage across? If I recorded to the hard disk, is there software to enhance old recordings before recording , can this be done in real time? Is the equipment I have already up to making DVD copies? I have seen a card by Dazzle that enables you to record in real time in Mpeg1 and Mpeg2. I only wish to burn DVD's, is this any use if I am not going to be making vcd's? Is installing a second hard drive difficult? Is installing a DVD recorder difficult? Any pointers as to recommended hardware or software would be helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    OK i will answer the questions i remember.

    It is possible to enhance footage recorded from old media by using video editing software. You must have some experiance or some knowledge of how to use it. The more advanced ones require more knowledge and understanding.

    Its not really possible to do 1 : 1 Copies of DVD's because DVD writers aint as advanced as CD-Writers. Some DVD's have some sort of protection on them which requires u having to copy them to Hard drive first, cracking them then copying them back to DVD.

    Recording in real time requires some sort of capture card to actually grab the images and save to hard drive. Its IMPOSSIBLE to grab and burn to DVD at the same time.

    Installing a 2nd hard drive is NOT difficult if u know how the computer works and how to build/ upgrade them. Its just like putting a hard drive into a computer. Just involves looking for a spare slot, changing it to slave or master and away u go. Make sure u got a spare power plug.

    installing a DVD recorder requires same knowledge as installing a hard drive or CD-Rom, ok maybe a bit more because u have to choose what cable you want it on but yeah same level.

    You can install a operating system on this second hard drive and then dual boot to whatever u want. But personally i think u should learn how to install a hard drive or DVD writer first before u go jumping into dual booting.

    DVD recording software. If you didnt get any with the DVD writer well then ur just going to have to buy some

    Whats a hard disk recorder? do u mean some sort of backup drive?

    And whats wrong with the ATI? What do u mean is this possible? The ATI is a gfx card and ur talking hard drive?

    Burning DVDs??? Do u mean burning data / files to dvd or burning DVD films or video?

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