I have quite a few questions which I hope someone will kindly be able to help with. My pc is an intel p850 3, 192mb ram, 20gb h/d, an ATI all in wonder 128 pro agp, dvd, cdrw, I am buying a DVD recorder very soon, probably a pioneer. What would be the best recording software if my recorder isn't bundled with any? I want to install a second hard drive to use as a hard disk recorder. Combined with the ATI is this possible? Can I install a second operating system just to run this second hard drive? Is it possible to record in real time to a DVD recorder from an external source such as a video recorder as I would like to transfer some footage across? If I recorded to the hard disk, is there software to enhance old recordings before recording , can this be done in real time? Is the equipment I have already up to making DVD copies? I have seen a card by Dazzle that enables you to record in real time in Mpeg1 and Mpeg2. I only wish to burn DVD's, is this any use if I am not going to be making vcd's? Is installing a second hard drive difficult? Is installing a DVD recorder difficult? Any pointers as to recommended hardware or software would be helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.