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    Phyz said:

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    I want a receiver to replace a dead Echostar 3000IP, anything considered so long as the price is right!

    So I guess I have a dead Echostar 3000IP for sale as well, probably the power board thats dead. I never liked the damn thing so I have no interest in trying to get it repaired!

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    sean_numark said:


    i know this might sound stupid but are u after a digital or analogue box?
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    Phyz said:


    Digital, as I said, anything that replaces the 3000IP, so multi satellite, couple of CAM slots. I have the old 36V positioner motor but I have seen convertors for DiSeqc (?) for around 20. So a DiSeqc receiver would be ok.

    I could even go as far as using my old pace 508ip to move my satellite and use a non positioning receiver so long as it had a couple of thousand channels. I'm mainly interesting in Astra and Hotbird.

    Hope this clarifies it a bit.

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    maltloaf said:


    lemme know by pm what you want for your echostar


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