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There has been a lot of talk about a 5th RF band recently introduced to aid in the fight against speeding motorists, or gain extra revenue for central government, depending upon which side of the fence you sit upon. We are glad to quash any nonsense and confirm current government guidelines that stipulates the existence of only two bands plus laser to be used by the authorities in the ticket collection game. Indeed, according to official government sources, the X band (10.275-10.775 GHz), used in the earliest form of radar guns since the late 70s, will not be used in speedmetering devices from September 1997 & thus all the X band radar devices will be removed from service. Hence the authorities will only utilise the K band (24.075-24.125 GHz) and the recently introduced laser bandwidth for speedmetering & analysis. The 5th band was alleged to occupy the very wide Ku band (10.700-18.100 GHz), but this is in fact occupied by a whole plethora of devices, including Satellite broadcasters (BSkyB), satellite telephony & many private radio services, as well as public telephone operators ( BT, Mercury, AT&T.......). A speedmetering 5th band is as likely to be incorporated into UK radio airspace as Michael Schumacher is likely to become a British national !
Our message is quite simple, when purchasing a radar detector (RD), avoid sales gimmicks and choose quality of service, support and price
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