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    Default Dell Mail-in Rebate Problems

    I wonder if anyone else is experiencing problems with the above.

    In order to claim your mail-in rebate you have to fill out a form and include your packing slip, only problem is my machine arrived without a packing slip.

    No problem get on to their web site and request a duplicate packing slip that was 10 days ago and no packing slip.

    Emailed my personal account manager on Thursday (12/09), she hasn't even bothered to acknowledge it.

    Question is is this a way of making it difficult, so some people forget and miss the deadline, or just crap service ?

    Be interested to know if anyone else has had any problems

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    Well, I've had to order several machines from Dell and out of 7 machines there were only two problems.

    1) Ordered laptop from the bargain basement section and they delivered the wrong one (but a better one) and it didn;t have a network card or modem.
    One quick phone call later and they let me keep the machine and sent me a combo 10/100 card & 56k modem FOC!

    2) Desktop machine DOA, again, one phone call and they sent an engineer the next day who just replaced motherboard and RAM.

    So I have to say I'm impressed with DELL and their response rate and fix rate.

    I think the answer may be to just phone them.

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    Stimpy, you lucky man... Dell are crap, their machines are crap, and their service is crap.
    There is no consistancy in their machines, they just get the cheapest parts possible, and if you are lucky enough to get through to them they normally mess you around.

    Just my opinion though
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