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    Default Cool Gizmos

    Hey, as strange as it may sound:

    I'm looking to spend money, roughly £200 (or less, or possibly slightly more ) on something sweet I don't know what's out there and cool at the moment but these look half decent:

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    I've got a PDA, MD et al and too much money in the bank account just looking for a cool gadget to buy...trying to justify it with no

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    well I like the look of the pocket camcorder.

    Nice price too.

    looks like a gadget for AbcMan.
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    The only problem with all these is the picture quality, spend a little more and get something like a s40 and you can shoot still pictures at a decent high res for printing rather than just email, you can also shoot video in dv mode (with audio) at a res as high as most of these things shoot still pictures (not being funny here, but a nokia 9210 or 7650 shoots at that res and the pics are only suitable for web pages or email. ok it costs a bit more (around £550-650) but at least you get something worthwhile.

    If you just want a cheap gadget, pop into your local argos, for around £180 you can pick up a casio wqv 10 colour on colour camera watch that will take upto 80 pictures anywhere, and you can send them by ir to any pda or mediaphone (t68, gd65, 9210, 3510i, 7210, 9650, 3650, 9210) for email or upload to the web watch out though as they also sell the wqv 3 which is a black and white on the watch, colour on the pc for about the same price.

    Another alternative would be to look at a panasonic dmr-e30 dvd video recorder, they are only around £500 and give superb picture and plenty of the kind of trick features you would expect on an expensive toy

    Its good to find another "toy" lover

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