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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to ask you a few questions. Basically have moved into an area with really bad tv reception and no tv antenna cabling to various rooms. So we have bought a few cheap digiboxes from ebay and a new lnb with 4 outputs. We have 1 main sky subscription and a load of BBC free to air cards.
    Is there any way we can move the 1 card with the main subscription from digi box to digi box in order to watch the main channels in another room. I understand that the card is married to the box but is there any way around this.
    Another question is how does the digibox know which region you are in to select the correct ITV broadcast.

    Also any other scams which could be useful for my situation.

    Many thanks

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    There's not really any way around it, other than to move your digi box with the full sub card from one room to another.

    You could however, also put a distribution system in from your main Sky receiver to your other rooms, this would then allow you to watch whatever was being watched on your main receiver in every room, as well as your fta receiver.

    You couldn't put magic eyes on each point though, as everytime you changed channel on your fta box, you would also change channel on your main box. (unless you change your main box for a Sky+ box)

    Your ITV region is selected by the post code the card is registered to. You can add all ITV regions to your box, there's a post in here somewhere.