backing up champ man 00\01

Thread: backing up champ man 00\01

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    Danger Mouse said:

    Default backing up champ man 00\01

    my m8s tryin 2 back my champ man game up (original).
    when he cpies it it seems 2 copy ok but when he tried 2 install it (2 make sure it was workin) it keeps sayin invalid win32 file.
    hes using clone cd 4 on windows 98 and with a hitachi cd-writer.
    hope this is enuff info n hope sum1 can help


  2. Freaky's Avatar

    Freaky said:


    try using clony xxl instead of clone cd m8
  3. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    Clone cd 4 works fine for me m8...
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