In Excellent Condition, Currently running XP Smoothly. Only problem is Battery does not hold life.

Intel Pentium II 366MHz processor
14.1" CTFT 1024x768 Bright Active Matrix Display
6.2GB Hard Disk Drive
NeoMagic MagicMedia 256-Bit Video Accelerator
SVGA-/VGA compatible, dual display mode, PCI Bus, 128-bit BitBIT, 256-bit graphics accelerator, optimised 2.5 MB integrated SGRAM Video RAM
640 x 480 x 16.7 mill. colours 800 x 600 x 16.7 mill. colours 1024 x 768 x 16.7 mill. colours Up to 85 Hz refresh rate non interlaced
24X CD-ROM drive (swappable)
Swappable CD-ROM: 24-speed (max.), 12 cm (5.25") and 8 cm (3.5") disks, Data transfer: 4,100 KB/s, average access time: 135 ms DVD-ROM: 2-speed (max) (=20-speed CD-ROM) Data transfer 3,000 KB/s, Average access time: 160 ms (DVD-ROM), 110 ms (CD-ROM)
Accupoint Point Device (Mouse)
Yamaha 3D Sound System
16-bit stereo Sound Blaster Pro compatible, 3D Wide mode, FM and Wavetable synthesis, built-in stereo speakers and microphone
Universal serial bus (USB) port
Parallel Port
9 pin Serial Port
PS/2 Mouse Port
External VGA Monitor Port
Stereo Line In/Out/Headphone Jacks
Built-in Microphone
Built-in Speakers

Official Toshiba PSU Adaptor
Extra Battery Included (Faulty)
3Com MegaHertz 10Mps LAN Card (With Dongle)
External Floppy Disk Drive

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