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    Jesta said:

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    Hi guys.
    Ive just been given one of the phones.
    im wondering how i can customise it.. ie change it to a different phones s/w version, etc...

    from what i can find, its possible to upgrade it to a 3315.

    however.. what else can i upgrade the s/w to, and how would i go about doing it?

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    Yes you can upgrade to 3315.
    Change tones, graphics, menu names, fonts, and a few other things.
    You need flasher cables and normal datacables to do that.

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    Jesta said:


    Cheers for the reply rudeyute.
    can you pls point me toward some tutes?
    as the ones i found on the forum seem to vary greatly.

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    Jesta said:


    I managed to fix the phone up, upgraded to 5.57, had to go thru and set the ringer, vibra mode etc ect ect but it all works.. only trouble is.. after a while.. it just freezes dead.... any idea?

    i used the 3310 v5.57 from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    pls help.

    Well thats fucked up.. 5 mins after i wrote this, the 3310 just reset by itself.. spooky and now its TOTALLY locked out frozen.. i picked it up, and now it reset in my hand, and working again!!

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