Who do you trust???? READ NOW Bush or Bin Laden

Thread: Who do you trust???? READ NOW Bush or Bin Laden

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    Who do you trust???? READ NOW Bush or Bin Laden

    A Timeline of Bush's business dealings

    1988: Prior to this year, George Bush Jr. is a failed oil man. Three times friends and investors have bailed him out to keep him from going bankrupt. But in this year, the same year his father becomes President, some Saudis buy a portion of his small company, Harken, which has never worked outside of Texas. Later in the year, Harken wins a contract in the Persian Gulf and starts doing well financially. These transactions seem so suspicious that even the Wall Street Journal in 1991 states it "raises the question of ... an effort to cozy up to a presidential son." Two major investors into Bush's company during this time are Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's father, and Khaled bin Mahfouz. [Salon, 11/19/01, Intelligence Newsletter, 3/2/00] Khaled bin Mahfouz is a Saudi banker with a 20% stake in BCCI, a bank that will go bankrupt a few years later in the biggest corruption scandal in banking history (see July 5, 1991). In 1999 Mahfouz will be placed under house arrest in Saudi Arabia for contributions he gave to welfare organizations closely linked to bin Laden. [Boston Herald, 12/11/01] The sister of Mahfouz is married to Osama bin Laden. [Washington Post, 2/17/02]

    June 4, 1992: It is reported that the FBI is investigating the connections between James Bath and George Bush Jr. Bath is Salem bin Laden's official representative in the US. "Documents indicate that the Saudis were using Bath and their huge financial resources to influence US policy," since Bush Jr.'s father is president. Bush denies any connections to Saudi money. What became of this investigation is unclear. [Houston Chronicle, 6/4/92]

    January, 2000: Former President George Bush Sr. meets with the bin Laden family on the behalf of the Carlyle Group. He had also met with them in 1998, but its not known if he met with them after this (this meeting was denied until a thank you note was found confirming it). [Wall Street Journal, 9/27/01, Guardian, 10/31/01]

    September 11, 2001: The Carlyle Group is a company closely associated with officials of the Bush and Reagan administrations, and has considerable ties to Saudi oil money, including ties to the bin Laden family (see September 27, 2001). Those ties are well illustrated by the fact that on this day the Carlyle Group is hosting a conference at a Washington hotel. Among the guests of honor is investor Shafig bin Laden, brother to Osama. [Observer, 6/16/02]

    see the rest at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    i'd still trust bush, because he has a team around him of intelligent, good people even if he's a bit of a dodgy dipshit, wheras binliner is a cowardly islamic terrorist who wants to murder us all in the free (non islamic) world.

    why do you need to ask a question like that? only another moslem would dream of supporting binliner and even some of them dont.
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    Robbo said:
    I ain't no curry muncher but Bush is as dodgy as Bin Laden.

    Thats all I'm sayin.

    Just cos we live and love our freedom of speech doesn't mean we should be blind to things which are wrong.
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    i dont disagree about bush himself, but when people refer to bush normaly they are refering to his administration and as such i would trust THEM, wheras i'm not likely to trust a bearded coward in a skirt who wants to kill me.

    i'd trust harold shipman to look after me more than i'd trust binliner and his islamic brothers.
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    beekae said:
    Are you on some kind of "Care in the Community" program,or are you just pissed off cos your being repatriated.
    What a waste of bandwith
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    Robbo said:
    Er don't really make sense beekea.

    If I was being repatriated then why would I be doing a Care in the Community?

    This IS my country. Glad to be English. Glad to be White.

    Greetings to the Scottish.
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    I think it's an excellent question and I for 1 wouldn't trust either of them, i think George Bush is just as big a murderer as Bin Laden and history will tell us in years to come that Bush and the US Government will have killed more innocent civilians than all the Islamic terroists put together. Oh of course, The US will have killed them in the name of peace, freedom and democracy thou, so that makes it ok, Collateral Damage I think they like to call it.
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    All i can say is that Bin Landin is broadcast where as Bush has it all hidden away, only time will tell as Czar says.

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    No, we kill them in the name of revenge and its good sport, just gota leed them a bit.
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    Robbo said:
    Who arms the world including rouge countries?

    Who has it backfired on ?

    And who will be using the TV coverage to show off the latest weapons?

    Of course it all makes sense doesn't it
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    i could say "the french & the russians" in answer to the first question since they are the ones who have been sanctions busting for so many years

    as to who will be using the tv coverage to show of the latest weapons, well i'd imagine al giz tv will be putting a nice polished spin on things to make sure that everyone in the west (the free world) gets to see every single civilian death (even those caused by the host country by way of effect) i'm sure that cnn will help sadman just like last time too) of course we'll show those things in the FREE world wheras in the regions that cause all the trouble, thats all they will see.
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    Robbo said:
    Fair Comment on the first question.

    The trap is sprung. The name of the game is containment. Contain the wild man, the leader with the messianic and relentless glint who is scaring the world. Surround him, throw Lilliputian nets on him, tie him up with a lot of United Nations inspection demands, humour him long enough to stop him
    from using his weapons and blowing up the Middle East.

    But this time, the object of the containment strategy is not Sadass Hussein, but George Bush, the president with real bombs, not the predator with plans to make them.

    America's European and Arab allies now act more nervously about the cowboy in the Oval Office who likes to brag of Americaas "the greatest nation on the face of the Earth" than the thug in the Baghdad bunker.

    "We don't want another war in this region," says an adviser to the Saudi royal family. "When Afghanistan is bombed, they just hit rocks. When there's bombing in our neighbourhood, they hit oil fields."

    Gerhard Schroeder's campaign prospects soared when he started running against Bush. "Many Germans," wrote The Times' StevenErlanger, "seem to fear American military action in Iraq more than they fear Mr Hussein."

    With assistance from the rump cabinet of internationalists, including the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and the former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft, America's allies have been engaged in a benevolent conspiracy to ensnare the President in the web of UN rules for war and diplomacy.

    The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, insists that the Iraqi threat must be taken care of without "the firing of a single shot or the loss of a single soldier". He added a big sweetener, promising that American bombers could use Saudi bases if Bush would work through the UN.

    Privately, Saudi officials say they are alarmed by the Bush team's military strutting, and think it would have been much better to get rid of Saddam with a covert operation. They agree with the President that Saddam is a monster who not only eliminates his enemies, real and perceived, but also their wives, children and friends. But if he has nothing to lose, they worry, he might fire his chemical and biological weapons at the Saudis or the Israelis or give them to terrorists to use on the United States.

    By wrapping Bush in a warm embrace, the Persian Gulf allies hope to waltz him closer to where they want him to be. Meanwhile, the Egyptians and the Jordanians pinned Saddam to the mat and told him that if he had any chance of avoiding Armageddon, he should open up his country to inspectors.

    Thus, in just a few days, the Iraq crisis went from Saddam having a noose around his neck to W. being bound by multilateral macrame.

    "All the reasons for an attack have been eliminated," crowed Tariq Aziz, Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister.

    But the allies - and especially Aziz - should not underestimate the zeal of the Bush warriors. Saddam can admit a legion of inspectors, but that may not stop Bush from wriggling out of the UN restraints and declaring the despot's compliance a sham.

    The Arabs tut-tut that America should focus on rebuilding Afghanistan, getting a state for the Palestinians and pursuing the war on terrorism. (The Irsrailes have Nukes thanx to the Yanks)

    But the Bushies have got a taste of empire building in Afghanistan and they like it. The White House adviser, Karl Rove, is building a Republican empire. The Defence secretary adviser, Richard Perle, the Deputy Defence Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, and Vice-President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, Scooter Libby, are building an ideological empire. Cheney is building a unilateral empire. And the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, is building
    a military empire.

    As Henry Kissinger told Newsweek, Rummy wants "to beat back the attitudes of the Vietnam generation that was focused on American imperfection and limitations".

    Besides, why should former CEOs Cheney and Rummy settle for mere Jack Welch-style perks when they can have the perks of empire?

    They can restore civilisation to the cradle of civilisation. Lemon fizzes, cribbage and cricket by the Tower of Babel. A 36-hole golf course on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates. ArabDisney in the hanging gardens of Babylon. Oil on tap at the Baghdad Hilton. Huge contracts for buddies in the defence and oil industries. Halliburton's Brown & Root construction company building a six-lane highway from Baghdad to Tel Aviv.

    How long can it be before the empire strikes back?
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    dont forget bush is part of the roayl family in sum way

    PRINCE WILLAM is bushes 17th cousin [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] found it out there was a full story on aol

    (17:18:34) (+Cam) i need to mount my xbox hdd in linux
    (17:19:02) (+SpikeWork) youth of today, they'll mount anything
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    Doesnt todays news just prove that Bush is using this war on terrorism bolox to wage war against any1 he dislikes. Iraq has agreed to let inspectors back in, but now he's finding somin else to use to topple sadam. Any1 who believes the US and their War on terror is just as ignorant as the terrorists themselves. Hope the UK finally see's sense and doesnt back the US. fighting terror is 1 thing but waging war for no reason watsoever is ridiculous.

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    Default Its in the blood

    Doing business with the enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitlerís Third Reich. Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush Ė the presidentís grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

    On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a director. Bush, E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates, and three Nazi executives owned the bankís shares. Eight days later, the Roosevelt administration seized two other corporations managed by Prescott Bush. The Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both managed by the Bush-Harriman bank, were accused by the US federal government of being front organizations for Hitlerís Third Reich. Again, on November 8, 1942, the federal government seized Nazi-controlled assets of Silesian-American Corporation, another Bush-Harriman company doing business with Hitler.
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    i still think i trust Bush over Laden......

    i just do not trus muslims.....sorry if that offends anyone...dont mean it to be a racist remark. I just think the whole religion is based around otehr religions misery.