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    Default Dazzle Video Creator II

    Can anyone help with this problem. Have recently read a review in pc magazine on above product. It says that you can record in real time from any source to MPEG1 or MPEG2. I assume this means it is like recording from vcr to vcr, for want of a better comparison. Has anybody had any experience with this product, I tend to believe the mags claims, but would like some reassurance about it. Stockists are no more knowledgable on product than me. Packaging not clear about can and cannots. I plan to transfer video across to dvd, and if this Dazzle can operate in real time, without storing to hard drive first as normal video capture, this would be such a time saving device to have. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    You have to capture to the hard drive first, then author the dvd using DVD movie factory etc, to put in chapters. Then burn to DVD--r. Gives very good results but does take a fair bit of time to get the end product looking good.

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