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    Jaffa said:

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    Got a load of laser discs for sale, some used but excellent condition, some never opened.

    Open to offers either each or for lot.
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    sanjuro said:


    pal or ntsc ? m8 can you send me the list ?

  3. Jaffa's Avatar

    Jaffa said:


    They either say ntsc or they dont say anything, does that help?

    There's 95 of em, some of which r box sets.
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    norad97 said:


    what are u looking for them
    i might be interested at the right price
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    Staminastan said:
    Jaffa, if you're still selling them seperately I'll have a list please.

    stan (payday today! )
  6. Jaffa's Avatar

    Jaffa said:


    Truth is im doin this 4 a m8 who isnt on internet, he asked me 2 get any serious offers.

    I dont really want 2 have 2 type out 95 titles and then get stupid offers 4 them, im sure u understand.