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    basically im looking for a cheap fone like the 3310 for my old man, hes already got a 3210 so he dont need the charger and shit. hes just looking for a fone that works and is in good nick. has to be cheap, around 30 is the ceiling. anyone got one for sale?

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    heres a tip
    go to carphonewarehouse
    they are doing the 3310 on virgin 49.99 plus you have to trade in a phone so take your dads 3210 give that in and you get 15 pounds off free airtime
    and you can sell the virgin chip + free air time for 20 pounds
    and there you go you got a 3310 for 30pounds

    Thanks Dav
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    i takeit that the fone has to b workin ish???
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    dude i have about 3 3310 and 3330 dude i have 3 if ya what them make my a offer man

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    wideon check ur pm mate