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    when they aint trying to fuck us over they are doing it to their own and others who sadly get in their way

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    looks like they are trying the same stunt in glasgow that the did in my area

    A TORY politician seeking to become Scotland’s first Asian MSP has been accused of deliberately swaying the selection process to secure himself a Holyrood seat after 113 new party members were recruited on the same day.

    Complaints have been made to David Mitchell, the party chairman, over the tactics used by Ashraf Anjum, a Glasgow Pollok candidate, in trying to obtain top place on the party’s list of candidates in the city.

    Almost all the new recruits, which immediately sent the Tory party membership in the city up from 680 to 793, a rise of 16 per cent, were from Glasgow’s Asian community. Most were known to Mr Anjum, a former aide to the Glasgow Govan Labour MP, Mohammed Sarwar, and very few, if any, had shown any obvious interest in party politics before that time.

    There have also been complaints that the subscriptions for all the new members were paid in one cash lump sum, totalling £1,700.

    The backlash against Mr Anjum has been so fierce that some Tory activists have even threatened to mobilise the party membership in an attempt to defeat him. ....................

    ....................The 113 new party members signed up just before the end of July and, under party rules, are now eligible to vote in the crucial rankings for the Tories’ regional lists for next year’s elections.

    The candidate with the most votes in next month’s internal party ballot will take the top spot on the Tories’ Glasgow list for the elections and is almost certain to be elected. Mr Anjum appears to have 113 of the 793 votes already on his side and, with eight candidates likely to stand, he is well on his way to securing the coveted first place on the list.

    The businessman, who runs an electrical firm, yesterday admitted he had asked some friends to join the party but insisted the Tories should be delighted with his initiative.

    He told The Scotsman: "Any help which we can give the Conservatives should be welcomed.

    "If people want to join they should be welcomed, not criticised."

    Mr Anjum, 59, said he did not know anything about the money paid for the subscriptions, and added: "I did ask some of them to join the party but I don’t know how many did."

    A senior Tory source said Mr Mitchell had spoken to Mr Anjum and had been assured everything had been done correctly and according to the rules.

    But one party activist in the city, who did not want to be named, said: "It is clear that Mr Anjum has recruited these people just to vote for him."

    Another takeover attempt of our political system, by anti democrats, please note once again that its the tories who bear the brunt as the already sitting labour candidate cant be removed, of course once he gets elected he'll then switch to labour becoming the sitting labour member (who cant be removed easily)

    thats how they do it, up and down our country, they just bend our political system over and give it a good hard butt fucking.

    SOURCE :The Muslim News Newspaper

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    Not so sure that this shouldnt be in scam busters section.
    Surely there must be high prison sentences against this sort of scandle ?

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    Originally posted by 4me2
    Not so sure that this shouldnt be in scam busters section.
    Surely there must be high prison sentences against this sort of scandle ?
    Nope, there are no prison sentences, just more moslelm councillors and mp's. its out and out electoral fraud, but i think it would be racist to prosicute the cheating scum

    As i say its no fookin wonder there are no moslem democracies, its just another example of them trying to turn our country into another moslem state, look at the top post here, zimbabwe is NOT a moslem country but the moslems have taken over a section of it and now use moslem law instead of zimbabwe's own laws (not that zimbabwe's president follows zimbabwe's laws either)

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