3510 poly tones, how?

Thread: 3510 poly tones, how?

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    Default 3510 poly tones, how?

    i've got a data cable, i've got a 3510, i've got the latest logomanager and ... nothing rttl or single channel midis only

    can someone hold my hand and guide me through EXACTLY what i need to do to put a midi song onto a 3510 (i dont care if it requires the wap browser, i just need to know how, network isnt too important but i'd prefer it through voda as thats what both our 3510's are using)
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    hey abc the only way i can think of doing it is by creating a WML page with the files linked on there. hosting it somewhere and accessing it through ur wap and downloading like that...

    i'm gonna try it soon cos my server allows wap access.

    let me know how u get on.
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    i dont even know if it will play midis, every poly nokia uses a different bloody format

    9210 - nim, mp3, wav, rttl
    7650 - rttl, wav, midi, composer
    3510 - rttl (very quietly), composer single tones (quiet) + ??????
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    Logomanager have a new app designed to do what you want. It's called MobiMB and costs 16.95 .

    See its specs here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    mobile media bowser dont know if that wot he means m8

    pm me your addy will send u it

    : o )