I have just got a pioneer 104 from SVP along with some Choice 2x dvd-r disks. I have some dvd-r's with movies already on. I used Nero to copy from disk to disk. Problem is they do not play back in my DVD, which is a Denon from a DF-100 system. They play back fine on my PC. Does anyone have any experience with these disks. I am looking for disks that will be compatible with DVD players. I have bought disks with movies on from a car boot that play first time every time on my player and I am certain that they are a lot cheaper than the ones I have just bought. I have recorded at 1x and 2x with no luck. If anyone knows of more compatible disks It would be greatly apprec. Also, I just record straight from dvd to dvd. Is there something that I am missing out. Any help greatly appreciated.