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Thread: Please Be Kind.

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    Default Please Be Kind.

    This is my first ever website, and I am thick when it comes to anything like this so please be honest but kind.

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    I know it needs loads of work, I am slowly getting used to the program (Frontpage 98) and have just got Macromedia Studio Mx (don't know how to use it yet though) so maybe theres better things to come.

    Oh and it's only being used to take the pi$$ out of some of the people that I know and nothing serious.

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    ok i know this is a bit late, but i see no ones look at this yet, so i may as well reply...

    1... SWEET JESUS MAN... frontpage... eugh..
    2. did u just search the net for all the possble shite u could stick on ya page, then do it??
    3. the music will drive ya nuts
    4. get rid of that bloody clock lol
    5. u should have ur links on each page, otherwise u have to click 'back' to go to another page
    6. u dont have df on ur links page

    ok so for basic first ever attempt at a home page, its er.. ok (i say that loosely btw : )

    u just gotta work on yer content and ur layout and design, making it look better and more functional etc.

    and ud prolly be better off using notepad to write yer html files rather than frontpage lol

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    Not bad for a first time I really can see you have used front page LoL!! 115 games and a PS1 for £160 not bad how the hell did you store these games at home must have taken up the whole room!! lol

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