Linux for PS2 - good value for a "new" pc?

Thread: Linux for PS2 - good value for a "new" pc?

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    brumbino said:

    Default Linux for PS2 - good value for a "new" pc?

    Linux for PS2 is around 193....

    This good value for a PC that will run on the TV?

    My opinion is that it looks good for Broadband web-browsing, but as there is no apparent RAM (is it virtual?) can you use the PC Emulator WINE succesfully for games, etc?

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    I don't think you can use Wine because you need an x86 CPU to use wine (i.e. PC's or XBox). My PowerPC will not run Wine, so I guess it will be the same for the PS2.

    Should still be good for web browsing as you will be able to compile Netscape...

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    kewl !! linux 4 ps2 !! me want it !!
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    Yazmon said:


    The XBox might work out as a cheaper PC, as a) its a PC, and b) its cheep

    Seriously though for 200 with a mod fitted you should be able to run Linux easily. This is what Im doing (machine goes away today )

    Ill keep my PS2 and GC for games! Use the XBox as a seriously cheap PC!