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  1. Whips's Avatar

    Whips said:

    Default Ringtones + add Vibra + Animations for T100

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    Includes 1000's of ringtones
    How to Add Vibra to your tones
    and screen Animations
    also unlocking software for samsung phones.

    let me know if you like it
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  2. hyDr0's Avatar

    hyDr0 said:


    good stuff m8ty
  3. steve98uk's Avatar

    steve98uk said:


    Top Man,been looking to get some better tunes,Thanks M8
  4. harvey's Avatar

    harvey said:


    cool stuff dude...
    well done
    thanks alot.
  5. dazza's Avatar

    dazza said:


    nice site chears
  6. stealthy's Avatar

    stealthy said:


    Nice site. argh, need to wait till I get home before I can mess about with the phone
  7. dazza's Avatar

    dazza said:


    chears good site
  8. bob1498's Avatar

    bob1498 said:


    Many thanks m8, I could'nt beleive there were so many. Great site!
  9. ing's Avatar

    ing said:


    cant get out, why ?
  10. cujo2000's Avatar

    cujo2000 said:


    Thanks alot i been looking for some new tunes for my T100 ...i have to admit that Mission Impossible was getting a bit too much after 3 months....
  11. Roo's Avatar

    Roo said:

    Default WAP?

    How about sticking them onto a WAP site?
  12. xdam's Avatar

    xdam said:


    i have a cable to send the tones toa phone but what software do i need?
  13. Termy's Avatar

    Termy said:


    I don't know about other phones but for the T100 you need PC Link for GSM.
  14. choices's Avatar

    choices said:


    Nice site Whips m8.and thank's
    for the tone's.

  15. slinky's Avatar

    slinky said:


    Nice site m8, just got a few of your animations - Cheers!

    Did you get the XXX animations posted in another tread (think I saw your reply post there)? If so any chance of putting them up or posting the link?

  16. daz73's Avatar

    daz73 said:


    Very good site m8..

    You're the man..
  17. BIG_G_187's Avatar

    BIG_G_187 said:

    Re: My new Poly Ringtone site

    is the link still working doesnt seem to be working with me?
    Kindest Regards
  18. marcode's Avatar

    marcode said:

    Default Re: My new Poly Ringtone site

    nah i cant get on either. i thot perhaps it was uni connection, but if your having probs too i guess not.
  19. pratman's Avatar

    pratman said:

    Default Re: My new Poly Ringtone site

    hmmmmmmmmmmm strange i cant get on i am at uni but neer ha any probs accessing sites, anyone else confirm if siet is still up and running and accessible, otherwise i check later on tonight when i get home
  20. Sanj[UK]'s Avatar

    Sanj[UK] said:

    Default Re: My new Poly Ringtone site

    seems dead here