hi folks
just got new daewoo widescreen tv (cheap i know) , hooked up my ps2, picture very good blah blah for money
however, the goddamn thing will only seem to operate in widescreen mode ie 16:9 when being fed with rgb signal from my ps2 (ps2 is modded for no green screen on rgb),
the upshot being i am forced to play games in wide mode, and most look shit cos they arent meant to be in wide mode except for a few like gt3.i've even tried tricking the ******* by snipping pin 8 of the scart (func switching line),manually putting it in 4:3 then plugging the cable in.
it seems to be an internal software thing that causes it to flip into wide mode with a rgb source, note you can select 4:3 when feeding it composite, ironically.
anyway know of a work around or do i smash the fker up?!
thanks in hope guys