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    hi I have a Btcellnet "u" sim card and I was wondering if it is possible to use it in another phone apart from the philips c12. I tried it in my 3210 which is unlocked and i wouldnt work in it and i tried it in the rest of my o2 phones but it wong give me a service. any help would be apprechiated

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    'U' can't put the sim in another phone other than a c12. I'm not positive, but I think you are probably limited to the phone it came in.

    I think the reason for this is the way that the credit is stored on the phone itself. The fact that the phone stores the credit is the reason behind all of the chipping that used to go on. You can put another bt sim in the c12 (I think vodafone works if you unlock it, you solder a chip in & turn on the phone, voila it is unlocked - then remove the chip).

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news geez.
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    the c12's are locked to the sim.... u can only use the sim if it matches the serial thats programmed into its memory....

    thinking about it... if u changed the imei (illegal i know) of another handset to that of the c12... would it then work or am i just dumb?
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    I think i will just leave it and stick with the C12 thanks anyway everyone