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    any 1 know what frequency this show will be on ... thx in advance
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    Recently WWE Pay Per View has only been in 4:2:2 which means most infact nearly all european digital recievers are incapable of getting these feeds.

    Raw and the rest are still free to air tuesday and friday mornings so far.

    4:2:2 you can physically record these transmissions from sat record to hd then using a 4:2:2 videocard inside your pc you can decode them into a watchable picture etc but most of the cards needed are from the usa.
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    yah mate ..but how are ya gona record any thing if ya can't see the 4:2:2 picture of what you are recording in the first place ..

    although I think Echostar can handle some of the stranger formats, and this one may be viewable on the good old echo.
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    the picture 4:2:2 isnt scrambled it just confuses 95% of digital satellite recievers, i actually recorded unforgiven and watched it the next morning.

    Also i know of a way to use a nokia reciever to get the 4:2:2 feeds, you connect the mediamaster to a pc via the scsi port and use the latest r2-d2 software to record this and watch it that way.

    Has a owner of a multi satellite system for over 14yrs and coming across various feeds over this time you work out things, some work some don`t, some involve writing specific software to decode pictures etc