LG 40/10/24 IDE Writer 34.99

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    biggy7 said:

    Default LG 40/10/24 IDE Writer 34.99

    this is quite cheap me thinks

    24x CD-R Write/ 10x CD-RW Write/ 40x Max read
    This is a full retail kit with software.

    Includes: Roxio Easy CD Creator/Direct CD, Blank CDRW disc, Manual, IDE cable, Audio cable, Mounting screws.

    "Fail Free" technology with adaptive writing speed

    8MB Buffer memory with ExacLink buffer underrun proof technology

    IDE/ATAPI interface (Installs as easily as a CD Rom drive)
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    raelmadrid said:


    ordered, thanks biggy
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    doughboy said:


    That's a good price.

    I bought one a few weeks ago for 49 quid

    121 are reliable and quick too, it's where I get my cdrs from..
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    WTD said:


    Thanks biggy mate!
    I didn't order that one, but a liteon 40x for 39.99!
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    RowaN said:


    This Liteon writer features correct EFM encoding - the drive writes regular bit patterns correctly. Correct EFM encoding is very cool - I finally got to write a 'good' copy of Dance Dance Revolution Konamix.. if your writer can't reproduce the EFM encoding correctly, this game crashes when you try to access the Options screen. Shame my (good old?) Plextor cant do it.
    Its also can do RAW+96 data read mode. All in all seems to have the best technology for making 1:1 copies of protected CDs. I reckon.. but what do I know lol.
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    yorg said:


    WTD the 40x is not 39.99, but i did see it on pcworld.co.uk for 42.99.

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    irunwith said:


    cheers dude....i just might order one


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    Spike2k1 said:


    I ordered mine tuesday (LG burner) and 100 mixed blanks for a tenner (deal is 74 and 80 min disks packaged together a sort of lucky dip!!) and all together with vat and delivery 50 quid... and better still turned up thursday morning. Thanks for the link... 8mb burn buffer is amazing to!!
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    Originally posted by yorg
    WTD the 40x is not 39.99, but i did see it on pcworld.co.uk for 42.99.

    Erm thats all I payed for it!

    Ordered 100 48x unbranded CDs and got delivered 100 Branded 32x CD's

    I phoned them up and there gonna send me 50 more CD's to compensate!